Joan Jefferson is an entrepreneur, executive coach and seminar leader choosing to make a difference in the world for individuals and businesses. She is President and CEO of Dragonfly Strategy, a media and marketing consulting agency and CEO of Joan Jefferson Coaching both based in Houston, Texas.  Her expertise includes business consulting and vision-based marketing strategies along with traditional/digital advertising.  Her leadership and visionary style is marked by an intuitive creativity that speaks to the core of individuals who desire to live from their dreams to gain success.  Joan is also a certified Life Mastery Consultant – helping others transform their authentic desires into reality.

Prior to entering the medical field in 1983, Joan had an impressive background in sales management and executive recruiting in corporate America with a proven track record. Her dedication and strong desire to make a difference for her clients led her to apply business and strategic principles to the healthcare industry; a missing link in many physician practices today.

Her extensive background also includes being a senior sales director for a leading international cosmetics company.  She was recognized as a top ten sales executive achieving record breaking success in recruiting, leading and motivating over 400 women.

Over the past 29 years Joan has been a well known voice and advocate for women’s health issues. Her career milestones include being the founder and executive director at the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery from 1983 to 2001. There she became one of the first in her field to establish communication on radio and television in the Houston area.  Her expertise in marketing and advertising for surgeons led her to become one of the first advocates for women in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, by assisting women in finding physicians willing to address their medical issues.  She was the founder and executive director for a Houston based Information Center from 2004-2012. Both institutions specialized in creating a resource for individuals seeking surgical assistance in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Along with this, she utilized her unique coaching platform to work with physicians, their staff and sales professionals.

Joan has a passion for helping others see the best in themselves and to find their purpose based on an internal vision for their lives.  Her belief is that true success is found  in changing lives by elevating consciousness.  She sees herself as a bridge for individuals that are seeking transformation, whether that be an emotional, physical, spiritual or financial shift.  Her energy and passion are infectious.  Additionally, with over 30 years in the healthcare arena, Joan encourages individuals to invest in their health for wellness and well-being as part of embracing and loving oneself.

Joan is an Elite Member of the National Association of Professional Women, an exclusive network for professional women advancing ideas for growth, education and inspiration and is a certified Life Consultant.