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This week on Real Talk we wanted to answer all those questions we’ve received from the listeners. We noticed that it wasn’t just about our show topics but questions all over the board in the field of Plastic Surgery. With that said – here is a list of the most popular questions, (keel them coming!):

Q: My belly button has always freaked me out…is there anything that can make my outtie an innie?
A:Depends on what is causing the deformity umbilical hernia. There is a procedure called umbilicoplasty which is the removal of skin above the belly button.listener-questions-600x372
Q:Is there such a thing as chin liposuction? 
A: Yes – this procedure is done in an office setting and this only removes fat. Now if you have extra skin this procedure will not solve this. You may also be required to wear a compression bandage around your face (Head to neck) to help improve the skin elasticity
Q:What’s the difference between a brow lift and a forehead lift? 
A: This is actually the same procedure. The difference is the technique the surgeon uses to improve the look of the face. Some may pull from the forehead other surgeons may choose to work closer to the brow. All depends on the patient. 
Q: How do you know if you need breast reduction?  I’ve always been big chested.   After having my children, I’m definitely larger and they have changed shape.  I have a lot of pain in my back and shoulders, and have gone to different doctors trying to find relief, but the pain persists. One of my friends suggested that maybe I should look into a breast reduction. I’m 5’4, weigh 135 and I wear a 34DDD++.
Q: My earlobe is split from wearing heavy earrings. Is there anything I can do to repair this? 
A: Yes actually this procedure is performed under local anesthesia and entails suturing the split. I’ve had it done before myself (Joan). 
Q: I was born with one  breast small and the other one has an elongated look – almost like a tube. Can this be fixed? 
A:Yes, this is a rare condition, sometimes referred to as Poland’s Disease. where one breast will become underdeveloped. A breast implant can be placed in the smaller breast and the other breast can be reduced to create a more symmetrical appearance. This is a reconstructive surgery and may be covered by insurance. 
Listener QuestionsQ: My nipples became elongated after breast feeding. What can be done about that?
A: Elongated nipples after breast feeding is common, you can have a surgical procedure to reduce the size but know you may lose sensitivity. Just make sure you address this risk with your surgeon. 
Q: I am not happy with the scars left after my breast augmentation I had in 2011 – do I have to live with them?
Q:(From a man) I’ve always been teased about my skinny legs and was thinking of getting calf implants. Is there anything I should know before I see a surgeon?
A: Well know that this is a painful procedure.  and not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Make sure you select a surgeon this specializes in this procedure and be sure to ask to speak to their previous patients who had the same surgery and are in a similar demographic to you.  Take a listen to a previous show where we talked about this topic here
Q: I just got a Brazilian butt lift and I’m ecstatic about the results. However my surgeon said I should not work out. Do you know why?
A: The surgeon should have addressed this with you, it’s very important to remember that you just injected fat into your butt and fat will go away with exercise. It would actually be counterproductive to exercise after this procedure. We had a whole show on it and you can listen to it here. Just remember that there is a lot of down time with this procedure restricting you from activity that could effect the outcome of the procedure. 
Q: I’ve heard about mesotherapy to treat cellulite and lose weight, does it work?
A: This is actually a procedure that is not FDA approved. I had a friend do this procedure and she said the pain afterwards was unbearable and unfortunately she did not see any results. There is actually no medical proof that this is an effective way to rid your body of cellulite. Here is a segment we did a few weeks ago on approved cellulite treatment and its effectiveness. 
Q:I just got a divorce and was thinking about getting a face-lift just something to help me feel better that I am newly single. I’m 44 and have crows feet, laugh lines and a double chin.
399502A: It sounds like this is a vulnerable time for you so I wouldn’t jump into anything too quickly. There are actually a lot of new treatments that can done to the face to help your concerns. I would look into a Liquid Face Lift – which basically is seeking Botox and face fillers like Voluma and Juvederm to treat wrinkles and sagging to the face. Listen to a previous show here
Q: I love Kim Kardashian’s cheek bones. I’m not of fan of needles but I heard there are some great fillers out there. Which ones should I research?
A: Well sad news is a face filler is only injected with a needle. But a topical can help with the pain of the injection. This is usually routine for this type of procedure. A new filler such as Voluma was approved by the FDA to help increase mid face volume. Listen to a previous show here
Q: Is it safe to use Botox? I’ve heard doctors use it for wrinkles and migraines. I thought it was poison?
A: It is a poison but when used in small amounts by a medical professional  and used correctly it’s safe to use. Botox is known to treat migraines, hyperhydosis and reduce fine lines on the face. 
Q: How do I choose what  breast size is good for my body?
A: Don’t worry about what other women will think. Get the size you feel comfortable. You’ll have several options but your surgeon will measure your body the chest and shoulder width. This will tell you how much your frame can handle. If you go extremely large you will developed back and neck pain just like any other woman with over sized breasts. Bring pictures to your appointment this should help give your surgeon a visual of what you want and he can manage your expectations. 
Q: How do I know if my breast implant has a warranty? 
A: When you had your breast implant procedure you should have received a lot of documentation. All breasts implants a re man made and thus have a potential to fail. With that said all breast implants have serial numbers to track them and their warranty. I would go back to your surgeon if you do not have the original paperwork and have them look that up for you. 


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