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This week we highlight the latest procedures in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. What are the most popular techniques and advancements in facial rejuvenation?  If you are not quite ready for a surgical  facelift, are there other options available?  What is the right age for a facelift?  How can I find an experienced doctor and why should I be concerned with who will be advising me on my treatments?  Is there a difference between a medical spa treatment and one done by a plastic surgeon?non-surgical-facial-rejuvenation

 Today’s show will highlight the latest advancement in facial rejuvenation.  There are so many things being marketed today – under original, creative marketing terms – it’s enough to confuse everyone – from  the lifestyle lift, the vampire facelift, the liquid facelift – what works and what doesn’t.

Facial Rejuvenation encompasses anything from non invasive techniques to surgical procedures. Non-surgical facelifts for example implies that you can get the same results as if you undergo an actual facelift but is that possible?  Sagging skin and significant jowls do not have a substitute for surgery.

Non Surgical vs. Surgical Facelifts

The key to facial rejuvenation is a natural restoration to the face so when your friends and family see you they never think you’ve had more than a lot of rest.  You should always strive to look your natural best.

“Non-surgical facelift” is a bad term–it should be called “Non-surgical facial rejuvenation.” There are a number of different approaches, a common one is energy transfer.

In this case, energy of some type (radio frequency, infrared, etc) is used to ‘heat’ the deeper facial tissues and ostensibly cause tightening of the face. The first and most ‘famous’ was the Thermage system but several others exist.

Thermage on the abdomen will help improve skin laxity on the abdomen after having a baby.  Thermage is colorblind and does not see skin colors, therefore it is safe to use on any skin, light or dark.  The key to getting a good Thermage treatment would be to use the proper Body by Thermage , and be sure an adequate number of pulses at an effective energy level are done.

The proprietary Ultherapy® procedure is the only non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift and tighten loose skin on the eyebrow, neck, and under the chin. The effect of focused ultrasound energy on the growth of new collagen is seen over time.

Resurfacing Procedures

Resurfacing procedures have been around for a while and consist of various types of ‘peels’. These treat the face superficially and does not tighten deeper tissues that has ‘sagged’ nor does it restore volume.

The Liquid Facelift

Again misleading a liquid facelift is not an actual facelift. Fillers are used to help fill and lift parts of the face and fill lines. You can achieve very nice improvement of facial aging changes with fillers and fat transfer. Filler Injections like Voluma, Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Sculptra can help restore facial volume and make a nice improvement this is considered the the mid facelift. If you are not quite ready for that jump into surgery – then this may be an answer!

Host Joan Jefferson was considering a facelift at age 61 however her experience with a face filler changed her mind and accomplished the look she wanted to achieve with a fraction of the cost. Click here to listen to her personal story with Voluma.

Warning:  There is no substitute if your skin is sagging and ageing – there is no point in wasting your money – your results will not be what you expected – just go on line to look at some before & after photos to see what we mean.

Concerns about Non ‘Surgical Treatment Options.

1.  Patient selection  –

2.  The Self – Diagnosed Patient –

3.  Choosing the Right Provider –

  We recommend a doctor who will be honest with you. Here are some traits we recommend you seek in your doctor.

  •  One who is conservative in his approach – in the case of fillers, less is more.

  •  One who will use the right product & not cut corners

  • One who prepares you well for realistic expectations

  • States the facts up front on how many treatments are needed

Medical Spas vs. Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologist

Texas laws have been passed to help add guidelines to face filler parties. Medical Spas will need a doctor on staff to perform a medical history exam prior to treatment. Nurses can administer the products only when a medical doctor is present. We recommend also seeing a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist when seeking any face fillers or any procedures to the face and skin.

When Opinions Differs

What do you do when you have seen say 4 or 5 plastic surgeons for facial rejuvenation and one recommends just a little botox/juvederm; another says you need a full facelift/? Perhaps you get a mixed review and the doctor says you need more than you imagined or were prepared for. Now you are totally confused – what do you do?

  • Before you go make sure you state clearly what you are looking for

  • Don’t talk about what another doctor suggested

  • Listen carefully – take a pad and pen and make notes in each of these consults – less than 2% of patients do this


Click here for questions to ask your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon about their qualifications.