Show aired on 1/18/2014

Our goal is to educate people in a manner that is easily understood by listeners.  We will provide an inside perspective on the current trends in this industry.  We’ll discuss the myths and misinformation to give you reliable information you can use.  Our guest will include board certified plastic surgeons, real life patients and other experts that will share advice you won’t want to miss.   This show is about being proactive – helping you to become empowered through Real Talk to avoid the pitfalls common to many.  we want to provide our listeners with the tools and resources to experience the best outcome possible.

Joan’s career:  Patient counselor, consultant and advisor in  the field of Plastic Surgery.  Her 30 year career  has given Joan  the insight and ability to connect with people in talking about  very sensitive subject matter. The show’s content will serve as a resource of information that will educate and help protect the public.  These topics will be helpful to others as they consider whether this ever popular branch of medicine is an option for them now or in the future.

Most people are dis-empowered for lack of understanding current information and having exposure only to the extremes most often highlighted in the media. These only add to misinformation and fear ultimately leading people to not have the procedure or fall for common marketing tactics that create buzz words around certain procedures.