REAL TALK is more than just a talk show, it’s an engaging conversation focusing  on real issues with real women experiences in the field of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.  This is not the Hollywood version of extremes in Plastic Surgery; this is real talk for everyday people who want

Never miss a show!

Never miss a show!

relatable, useful  information and insight on this popular subject.  Our goal is to educate people in a manner that is easily understood by listeners.  We will  provide an inside perspective  on the current trends in this industry.  We’ll discuss the myths and misinformation to give you reliable information you can use.  Our guest will include board certified plastic surgeons, real life patients and other experts that will share advice you won’t want to miss.   This show is about being proactive – helping you to become  empowered through Real Talk to avoid the pitfalls common to many.  This show is about providing our listeners with the tools and resources to experience the best outcome possible.

If you’re interested in REAL TALK – tune in on Saturdays from 12-1pm on News 92 FM to share your experience and connect with us.

Topics we will cover:

  • Current  Plastic Surgery trends and what is Plastic Surgery

  • How to know the difference between a self titled cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon

  • What is cosmetic surgery and who is performing these procedures – you’ll be surprised

  • How to avoid disastrous mistakes when choosing the surgeon by recognizing the red flags

  • How to research your procedure, the doctor and the facility or hospital

  • How to maintain your power in the presence of a professional

  • Actual cases that have received national attention and how to avoid those pitfalls

  • Are you a candidate for surgery and have you prepared yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually?

  • Clear understanding and the importance of the doctor-patient relationship

  • Expectations and how it plays a role in healing and the outcome

  • Being involved in this process and taking responsibility for your role in the outcome